Policies and Disclaimers


Adult content is intended for individuals 18 years of age and older and contains materials of sexually explicit nature. If you are not of legal age or if it is illegal for you to view such material, please EXIT immediately!

By entering this website you are choosing to be exposed to material of adult and explicit nature. The creators and service providers of this website will not be held liable for your choice to move forward.

Misrepresenting your age in order to gain access to this site may be a violation of local, state and/or federal law. If you are not 18 years of age or older, you may NOT continue and must EXIT the site now!

A player's guide to chat policies

This chat has been created for the purposes of providing entertainment via DigiChat and using material copyrighted by White Wolf Publishing, Inc. We do not seek to infringe on any materials owned by White Wolf Publishing , and we abide to their restrictions as set out in the Dark Spiral Fan Site terms and conditions.

By participating in this chat, or by voluntarily submitting material or ideas to it, you agree that you understand and are bound by all of these policies, disclaimers and use terms. By using this chat you are agreeing that the owner and moderators of this chat makes no claims to the accuracy of information provided by other users, and have no liability for situations that may arise from the actions of those individuals. You are furthermore agreeing that you are liable for any situations that may arise from your own actions.

The Administrators have the right to delete offensive material, and, in cases where a person insists upon being offensive, to ban that person from the chat. Things that may result in deleted characters or material, or banning, include, but are not limited to:

  • Remarks that serve no substantial purpose other than to antagonize another person be they Racist, Bigoted, Sexist, etc
  • Excessive Profanity, Sexual Harassment or Religious Persecution or any person on site.
  • Soliciting or advertising of goods, service or promotion/advertising for other sites.
  • Posting personal information without the express permission of the subject
  • Posting false information. Opinions are welcome but lies about facts are libelous
  • Posting material or text that contain sexually explicit language
  • Actions that are designed to cause some technical problem for the system
  • Actions that seem specifically designed just to test the limits of what is not offensive and seem to serve no other purpose
  • Any other action that shall, at the sole discretion of the chat's Administrators or Storytellers, be deemed offensive
  • Posting links to locations which violate any of the use terms

Whilst we recognize that in a role-playing game there will be actions, which appear to violate these use terms because they are done "in-character", we do not allow any real illegal activities on this server. We do allow the in-character fictional portrayal of actions of a questionable nature, but you should exercise common sense, ethics, morality and restraint when considering how you behave even in the game. While the depictions of your fictional character in the game may antagonize another fictional character in the game, you may not use your character or their beliefs to antagonize people out of character. Whether or not an in-character activity or depiction violates the use terms shall be decided solely at the discretion of the relevant venue Storyteller and the Administrator who reserve the option to discuss how the character is being portrayed with you.

By using or participating in this chat in any way, you agree not to be abusive towards any real person using this server. You agree not to perform any actions, which cause any of the provided examples of potentially offensive behavior, nor to intentionally harass or abuse anyone in any way we might not have thought to list here. You also agree not to create, send or distribute abusive or harassing emails, instant messages or any other medium, of electronic or physical nature, with the intent to offend or abuse any real person in any manner related to this chat or anyone's use thereof.

We do not allow any depictions of child pornography on this server, or any depictions of children in sexual situations, not even in a fictional sense. We do not allow any use of this server to link to child pornography or to facilitate child pornography in any way, real or fictional. Depictions, for the purposes of this rule, include text-based descriptions, written portrayals and any visual representation. Anyone caught depicting such material will be banned from this server without further warning.

We reserve the right to share any and all information transmitted to us or this server with legal authorities or law enforcement officials, as well as with an offender's internet service provider. You agree that we have permission to share information in this manner.

By submitting your material, character record or ideas to the chat's game you agree that we are free to electronically store, copy, retrieve, delete, restrict, alter, record, distribute, process, manipulate, or use the information you submit for your material, character record or chat idea in any way deemed necessary, at the sole discretion of the Administrators and Storytellers, to maintain the operation of the chat. By submitting your character record or role-playing game or chat related idea to this chat you assign full control and rights of it to the chat's Administrators and Storytellers for all purposes deemed related in any way to the operation of the chat.

Information, material, character records or ideas shall be considered "submitted" to the chat if they are submitted to any server, archive, storage medium or person in any way which relates to the chat, even if said submission actually occurs through servers or methods controlled and/or owned by entities other than this chat's owner. These include, but are not limited to, electronic communication groups, forums, usenet, email, web sites, and any other medium by which chat participants might exchange ideas about this chat.

During creation of your user account on this chat, you are given an option to hide your email address from other players. This does not include the ability to hide your email address from Administrators and Storytellers. They will be able to view it through their administrative pages. Administrators and Storytellers may use your email address to contact you in reference to the chat's game. By using the chat and listing your email address you agree that they may do so. User accounts whose email addresses are determined to be false or invalid will be removed from the database without warning upon discovery. We will not distribute these email addresses to anyone in any way except as deemed necessary to ensure the continued operation of the chat or to cooperate with legal authorities.

Chat participants may not advertise or solicit on this server. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, promotion of goods or services other than those offered by this chat's owner, promotion of or recruiting for alternative chats or internet sites or services which might be construed as competing with this chat; and promotion of any peer-to-peer file exchange service or software.

These terms may change at any time without notice. You agree that the most current edition of these terms applies at all times, whether you have made yourself aware of the current terms or not.

We just want to offer a fascinating and fun chat game environment for you to enjoy yourself. These terms are just the legal vehicle necessary to protect ourselves so that we can continue to do so. Have fun, and be good!

Black Dog Scenes

First, a definition. The term "Black Dog" refers to a role-playing scene that is intended for adult (18+), and adult players only. Such scenes are sometimes of overly detailed violence, but more often involve scenes of a graphic sexual nature. This includes, but is not limited to, "cybering" (online sex) and rape scenes. Obviously, such scenes are not for everyone, and, due to the difficulty of verifying the maturity of the potential audience for your actions, great care should be taken when participating in them. Be aware that you are legally responsible for your own actions. Should you perform any action which results in any sort of criminal behavior or charge we will furnish any and all evidence available to authorities upon legal request, including but not limited to logins, passwords, email accounts, IP addresses and system logs.

When you act out such scenes on this chat you should be sure to pay attention to the following, and if you are faced with somebody trying to force you into such scenes, also please note the following:

Both players must be consenting adults (18+)

  • That means if the player says "No," you stop. End of story. No discussion. Take screen shots of the non-consent.
  • Get screen shots of both the consent and the statement of being over 18. Everyone in the scene must be 18 and consent, even if they are not directly involved, and everyone should have a screen shot.
  • That means the characters' ages and real life players' ages. Characters involved in such scenes may not be younger than 18, and players younger than 18 may not be involved in such scenes.
  • To take a screen shot., clear your extra windows so that you can see the screen (or have the private message up if that's where it's happening), and hit the button called "Print Screen" (sometimes abbreviated "Prt Scr"). Then go to a graphics program such as Paintbrush, Adobe Photo shop or even MS Word and click Edit -> Paste. If it asks if you want to expand your clipboard or palette size, etc. click "Yes." If you don't remember, private message someone and ask them. On a Macintosh computer you may also hit the Apple Key, Shift Key and the number 3 simultaneously to create a screen shot. Most PC computers have a combination of keys, which duplicates the Print Screen function as well.

Keep it in a private, locked room

  • Just like it says. No Black Dog scenes in public rooms. Period.

You are in no way required to role-play out these kinds of scenes

  • Just what it says. You are completely in your rights to say no to role-playing out a Black Dog scene, even if you are a legal adult.

Now, let us clear some common fallacies:

  • You will not be unsanctioned for not playing out a Black Dog scene.
  • You are not required to do these scenes.
  • Your friends will not hate you for refusing to do one of these scenes.
  • No reasonable person will think your a wimp, a cheat or anything else negative (and if they aren't reasonable, then forget him or her).

Someone is trying to force me

  • If they are saying you'll get in trouble, they are lying. There are a few ways to deal with this:
  1. Take screen shots and get an Administrator or Storyteller. Even if their nickname says "Busy," "Don't PM," etc. explain the situation, preferably in the first message so they know why you're contacting them. Don't be afraid to private message the Administrators and Storytellers. You don't deserve that kind of abuse.
  2. If you can't find an Administrator or Storyteller anywhere, take screen shots and leave the scene. Yes, this is one time where you can leave the scene and not get in trouble for it. This means log off or go to the OOC room, whatever it takes. If they keep harassing you, but you don't want to log off, use the "ignore" feature. The ignore button is on the panel with all of the names of the player in the room and is the first button on the right, that looks like an ear with a red line over it.

Someone is claiming I am/have forced him or her

  • This is why taking screen shots are so important. To protect everyone in the scene from possible malice or accusations. So take screen shots!

The consequences

  • If there is proof you have forced someone into a Black Dog type scene, expect without a doubt to be site-banned and to have any and all characters of yours removed without warning. Online rape is not a "kewl" thing.
  • We are here to have fun and role-play. Forcing people into scenes that they are not comfortable with is just not cool. And "Well, it's the World of Darkness" is not an excuse.

Terms of Service

By using or participating in this chat in any way, you agree that you will not seek to ruin other user's enjoyment of the game by interrupting their role-play with unfair behavior by lying, cheating, twinking, meta gaming or any other activity deemed to be disruptive to the game at the sole discretion of the Administrators or Storytellers. You agree that you will be respectful towards all participants involved in this chat.

You agree that you will not electronically store, copy, retrieve, alter, distribute, process or manipulate any images or text from this chat or the web sites related to this chat for use on your own web site or any other web site not related to this chat without the express written permission of the Site Owner.

You agree that you will keep to the one user account limit so that we may keep the records of the number of users accurate.

You agree that you will not hold the Owner/Administrators or Storytellers liable for any damage caused to/by you or your property by participating in this chat. This includes and is not limited to any act committed by you that is depicted on this chat in an in-character scene or any damage done to your computer by your use of this web site and/or chat.

You understand that any Black Dog scenes or images depicted on this chat or web sites related to this chat are purely for entertainment purposes and that we do not in any way condone actual performances of these acts outside an in-character environment.

You understand that you will never be asked for any personal information by any Administrator or Storyteller, including but not limited to passwords to your user account, credit card information, your address, your telephone number. In the event of this occurring, please contact the Site Administrator immediately with any details that you can provide and it will be dealt with promptly.

You understand that, as a matter of course, we keep system logs of all posts made in the chat. These are kept for as long as needed and no request to remove a system log from the server will be accepted and/or acted upon without the express consent of the Site Owner

You are solely responsible for any and all actions attributed to your user account. You are encouraged to maintain your private passwords, and not to divulge said passwords to any party, including other users. Release of view-only passwords is for the purpose of viewing of character sheets only. Information on character sheets that are accessed with our sheet viewer cannot be manipulated in any way.

Any violations of the aforementioned terms of service will be dealt with using the following reprimands:

  • First Offence - a verbal warning (in other words, a warning given on the chat or a private message). Screen shots and/or system logs will be considered proof that this warning has been given.
  • Second Offence - the loss of the character in question and a written warning delivered via email.
  • Third Offence - banning from the site for a period of no less than Six Months

The Administrators of this chat reserve the right to skip or repeat any step of the above reprimands.