Immortal Vigilance Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ center. Here you will find answers to basic questions we're commonly asked about the site and characters for the Immortal Vigilance game.


What city is Immortal Vigilance set in?
Magid, Washington, at the northern tip of lake Chelan. For further details on our fictional city, please see the settings area.
How many characters are we allowed?
This is dependant on the venue, and will be covered under their respective Wiki Pages.
How is time done here?
The current date is the same as it is in real life. As for what time it is here, well, we are in Washington State, USA, so go from there, please.


Characters gain 0.75 experience point for each day they log in and play. The Storytellers here do believe in giving XP for roleplay, so the more you RP your character, the more XP you can gain. Please note that we use the x*New Rating for all games.

To spend your XP, you need to post a single thread in your game's XP Request forum, which is found under the message boards.