Player Code of Conduct

While there will be few hard and fast rules, because set rules lead to loopholes, instead this is a guide, please try to follow the spirit of what is written here, as although de-sanctioning is a last resort (short of an outright ban) it will happen if ST’s feel it is the only option left.

When participating in the game or playing your character, keep in mind that the game is just a form of entertainment. Vampires, werewolves and the like are NOT real. It is also essential that you do not make the mistake of thinking that a players personality is just like the personality of the character they play.

Treat people courteously. It doesn't matter if you don't like them, don't agree with them, or think they are being immature. Treat people courteously and if someone else is being discourteous, ignore them [with the ignore feature of the chat] or report them to an ST rather than dragging yourself down to their level. Likewise, please refrain from excessive OOC commentary in an IC chat room. It is not only discourteous, but also extremely distracting to those players who are attempting to role play. If you want to shoot the OOC breeze with your friends, please keep it to PM's, or use an alternate messaging system such as ICQ, MSN Messenger, or AIM. Players will not spread false or derogatory information about other players or ST's, private chat of personal opinions to your friends aside, no flaming, abusing or putting another player down in public is not allowed. Take your problems to an ST, or keep them to yourself.

Players will be honest in their dealings with others and in information submitted to Storytellers. If at anytime any player is dubious about the rules, or what another character is doing, then you have the RIGHT to ask for the scene to be put on hold until a Storyteller becomes available to moderate

No lying or cheating. Be honest, even if it's not in your character's self-interest. This includes being honest about your character's abilities, dice rolls, the limitations of your "Kewl Powerz", and adhering to source book rules, house rules, and the final word of any scene ST/moderator. Everyone makes mistakes; if someone points out that you've made one, apologize and work cooperatively with them to correct it. Try to keep IC and out of character separate, draw a line between what you know as a player, and what your character knows, we have a lore system to keep track of this, please use it honestly.

Respect other people's enjoyment of the game. Don't go around blindly killing off other characters because it's "fun". Realize that even if you don't have an emotional bond to your character, other players might. We're asking people to put a lot of thought and work into their characters, and to participate in mature and meaningful role play. If you don't like someone OOC, avoid interacting with him or her on the chat. Take the time, before combat begins, to double-check with the other players and make sure everyone involved is on the same wavelength, and would like to participate. If your PC is attacked, you have every right to engage in "lethal force" IC. Just be discriminating with how you role play and with whom you are role playing. It will save long drawn-out combat scenes where players bicker over every action if you simply avoid playing with people who can't get along with in the first place.

Keep IC and OOC completely separate. If a PC calls your character names, or even kills your character, don't go on a vendetta against another player. Don't try and make a new character whose purpose is to avenge your first. In addition, keep IC flirting and romance IC. Don't assume that because a character is doting on your character, that the player involved is looking for romance. Be cordial with other players, but realize that this is a game, not a dating service. Use discretion when another player asks for your phone number or makes romantic overtures. If a situation starts to make you uncomfortable, be honest and keep it from getting out of hand. If, for any reason, another player makes you feel unsafe OOC, report the situation to a ST immediately.

Be patient with the Storytellers. There are an extremely limited number of volunteer Storytellers. They do their best to sanction, update, moderate, and create storylines, but they're human. They do make mistakes; they do need to have jobs and social lives that take them away from the chat. They are usually bombarded by requests the minute they show up. If an ST is playing a character of their own, that means that they aren't available to answer random questions or participate in the same ways as when they are in Storyteller mode. Please do not interrupt the ST during his/her role play, either publicly or in PM's. If you do ask an ST a question and they don't respond, chances are they're either too busy to respond or they are too busy to even see the question. Try a second time after a couple of minutes, but if they still don't answer, respect the fact that they are too busy to talk and move on. If you have a general question, ask the players OOC if they know the answer. Also, be sure to check out the venue web sites, as the information you need may be posted there. If not, email and the Chat forum are a good place to post your questions.

Be patient with other players. Not everyone is the world's greatest or most experienced role player. Not everyone speaks English fluently or has the best typing skills. If you encounter other players who seem confused about source book rules or how things are done, be tolerant and patient. If you can, take the time to help them out or ask another veteran player if they can. If someone is deliberately being ignorant or rude, there's no reason you have to subject yourself to abuse: "Ignore" and the ST's exist for a reason. But if it’s a case where someone seems like they just need a mentor, you can do the chat a great service by taking a new or less experienced player under your wing and helping them rather than mocking their lack of skill or completely ignoring them.

Finally… HAVE FUN. That is what we are all here for in the end. Lead by example, create engaging characters and think up storylines (nothing we ST’s love more then when a player comes to us saying, me and my friends have a storyline idea, we want to do this, this and this). This is an online community, both IC and OOC, and as in any community we all have the responsibility to keep it a clean, safe enjoyable place to be. Thank you